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  • Eiffel Tower Park / Love Lock Fence

  • Established in 2014 on the West side of the town square. The Eiffel Tower was a gift to the city. A 7 foot two tiered water feature with fountain was added to the 18 foot tower to become the 25 foot tall Eiffel Tower. Notable fact: The tower is painted with the same paint (brand and color) as the Eiffel Tower in Paris France! There are 3 different shades of brown paint and it was donated by the manufacturer from France.

    Love Lock fence is located next to the Eiffel Tower to celebrate your love. Purchase a lock in Paris or bring it with you, add your name and the name of your significant other written or engraved on your lock, place the lock on the fence, throw your key in the Eiffel Tower fountian and forever seal your love in Paris!

    You Don’t miss a chance to have your photo taken at the Eiffel Tower in Paris! Bonjour

  • Phone Number:479-963-2244


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  • Eiffel Tower / Love Lock Fence